“Make Extreme Wealth History” at BeyondTV Festival

The Make Extreme Wealth History video has been invited to screen at the BeyondTV Festival in Swansea, Wales on Saturday 22 November. Check out the festival’s trailer, which features my video three times!


One Response to ““Make Extreme Wealth History” at BeyondTV Festival”

  1. Peter Ward Says:

    Granted Bono and kindred souls are hypocrites; but all of us could be accused of the same hypocrisy to some degree. And our wealth is do in significant measure to the looting of the Third World. But the solution is concentration on the imperial role the West, and especially the US (supported with little reservation by Western Europe), plays in insuring this inequity remains. Unless we are willing to target our own governments policies taking the risk implied we Westerners can’t claim, IMO, to have assisted toward progress in this regard.

    Incidentally, in Latin America, where the most dramatic progress in a democratic direction has been made (with the result in poverty reduction inter alia) , there has been little support from natural allies in the West one is ashamed to observe.