Care’s “Living on the Edge” campaign proposes poverty prevention rather than emergency response

Care International is campaigning for significant changes to the way the international aid community tries to tackle poverty.

The world’s poorest are paying a high price for the international aid system’s failure to address factors keeping them in chronic poverty.

With food price rises adding to the problem many people just don’t have enough to eat.

Most of them live on the edge because we keep them there. Money raised to respond to emergencies often leaves them worse off than they were before.

CARE is demanding that we put a stop to this by calling for a dramatic overhaul of the system which is keeping them trapped.

Our report calls on the international community to give higher priority to recovery and prevention programmes like seed distribution and improved veterinary services so that families can pull themselves back from the edge and be in a stronger position to fight off the next emergency themselves.

Have a look at their video or read more about the report.

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