Help two Nigerians pay their legal fees

On August 31st, Andrew Berends was arrested in Port Harcourt, Nigeria with his translator Samuel George, while shooting his documentary film Delta Boys. Later, the Nigerian police arrested Andrew’s friend, Joe Bussio, for no other reason than Joe had given Andrew a place to stay.

Andrew has since been sent back to the States by the Nigerian government, Joe has been cleared, but Samuel’s case is still pending, as the State Security Services continue to ask him to return to their offices sporadically.

Samuel and Joe have incurred $10,000 in legal fees in the course of this ordeal, and we are calling out for donations to help them pay these expenses.

It is important that translators and local journalists around the world know that they can do their jobs without fear for their lives, their families, or the expenses they will incur on our behalf.

To chip in, visit the Joe Bussio and Samuel George ChipIn page.

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